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P27 was created in 2018 by Lexington, South Carolina native, Corey Warner.

Corey, who also owns and operates Bodyshop Athletics, has made a lifelong

commitment to fitness, education and youth development, as well as understanding

and instillation of a strong knowledge of faith and community service.



P27 Performance Center was created to enable student athletes the opportunity to reach their highest potential through professional training, mentorship, and immersion in a Christian leadership environment that harnesses success.


To provide the highest level of academic support, professional instruction and training to ensure competitive competition.


"P27" is the abbreviation for Proverbs Chapter 27 Verse 17:

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

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Located in the heart of South Carolina, P27 Performance Center is the premiere student-athletics development program, targeted at students from across the country.   The goal of P27 is to provide students the best opportunity to develop their skills through programming, designed by the P27 group of seasoned professionals to work on all facets of the game of baseball.  P27 also holds education in the highest regard and is a requirement as part of your participation in the program.

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High Academic Standards

Each P27 student-athlete will also enroll in a virtual charter school platform called South Carolina Connections Academy. Connections delivers high-quality academics to prepare student-athletes for college.

  • Fulltime teachers for each course

  • Individual grade counselors to map out academic plan

  • Available AP and Honors courses

Professional Sports




Players will grow athletically through profession alathletic skills training that is unmatched at any other level.

  • Professional lessons

  • College competition

  • Individual strength and conditioning

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Professional and collegiate exposure

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Leadership and



Led by P27 Staff, our leadership and discipleship program will prepare the student athlete for life off the field. This will enable each athlete to grow both spiritually and mentally.

  • Weekly studdies

  • Mission outreach

  • Guest speakers




                                                                Dual enrollment is a common theme that will take                                                                  place at P27. Dual enrollment allows for our                                                                            students to take college classes instead of normal high school courses. This not only prepares them for their future education but also saves each student thousands in future tuition costs. Dual enrollment can be done through Midlands Technically College. Classes can be taken online of in traditional classroom setting.

Tutors will be provided for each student during the week. Tutoring hours will be provided 2 times per week to insure each student has what they need to fully excel. Tutors will be available for each subject through connections academy and P27.

 NCAA Accredited courses
 Honors and AP Courses
 Dual Enrollment at Midlands Technical College
 Professional Tutors
 Academic Advisors and Counselors
 Individual teachers for each subject.

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P27 Connections academny training south

Connection academy provides a high quality

education with a proven track record of high

performing academic students. They have over

5,000 students in South Carolina alone. There

course options allow for the flexibility to participate

in a high level baseball training and competition

while still obtaining an excellent education. Students will spend time each day in a classroom set-ting working on course work in the presence of academic tutors and advisors. It is P27 goal to provide accountability to all areas of the students academic life.

At P27 Performance Center , we believe that a student-athlete is just that. Student first, athlete second. Our goal is to combine our elite athletic programming with high quality academic guidance and tutoring.


Leadership and


The Focus of P27 Academy is to develop leaders on and off the field.

A focus on character and biblical principles will be integrated into everything we do. Our staff will be intentional with each student athlete to make sure they are growing mentally and spiritually. It is our goal to train and equip young men to pursue excellence in all that they do.

Through intentional discipleship and community, our young men will be able to grow spiritually and in their relationship with one another. -Proverbs 27 17



It is our goal to surround each student athlete into a like minded culture. Where excellence, discipline, and integrity reign supreme. People are a product of their environment and it is our goal to provide the environment that will cultivate their success both on and off the field.


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Our goal is to mentor and lead each student athlete. Relationships are key in all walks of life. Our staff is fully equipped to lead young men through life on and off the field.  Our goal is to encourage them to become the best brothers, husbands, fathers, and friends they can be.


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Our student athletes must learn to reach their community and beyond. We will harness this through international trips using baseball as a platform to influence and reach others.


P27 Strength Programming

and Sports Medicine

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All players are placed under the care of

CORA Physical Therapy for injury prevention,

care, and evidence based biomechanics

analysis.  CORA Physical Therapy will provide

each player with rehab plans, arm care exercises, and a data driven plan of attack to help each athlete stay healthy and reach their goals.

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P27 Performance Academy has partnered with Bodyshop Athletics and CORA Physical Therapy to provide the best possible personal training environment and results for P27 student athletes.  Each player receives and individualized plan for their physical advancement,  Players are data tracked on their improvements in the areas of speed, power, strength, exit velocity, and throwing velocity.